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I feel truly privileged to be a low-volume, selective provider. My approach to companionship revolves around genuine relationship building, and I take pleasure in connecting with a small, selective group of gentlemen. 


You may observe that my rate structure is designed to emphasize and favour longer engagements. This allows for a more meaningful and enjoyable experience for both of us.


My rates mirror the blend of my education, wit, beauty, and a bunch of other wonderful qualities!


Looking forward to the possibility of creating a lasting connection with you... xoxo, Ameerah


A Glimpse... 

2hrs -  *A Sweet Introduction*  

2hrs - EUR 800 | GBP 700 | AED 4000 

There's something about her...

3 hrs *Let's share drinks, secrets, and kisses* 

EUR 1000 | GBP 900 | AED 5000 

4 hrs - *Dinner Date Delight with 2 Hours of Intimate Bliss (Ideal for First Dates & My Personal Favourite!)

EUR 1'200 | GBP 1'100 | AED 6000 

4-5 hrs - *A Dinner Rendezvous with 3 Hours of Intimate Bliss or Absolute Privacy, just the two of us*

EUR 1'400 | GBP 1'300 | AED 7000 

A Passionate Romance...

6 hrs - *Sensational Six: Unforgettable Passion and a Deeper Connection*

EUR 1'700 | GBP 1'500 | AED 8000 

12 -14 hrs - *Dine, Dream, Delight: A Sensual Sleepover Experience*

EUR 2'200 | GBP 2'000 | AED 10,500 

24 hrs - *Infinite Intimacy: A Day and Night of Irresistible Connection*

EUR 3'000 | GBP 2'500 | AED 15'000 

48 hrs - *48 Hours of Romance: A Weekend Escape for Two*

EUR 4'000 | GBP 3'500 | AED 18'000 

1 Week - *Passion Expedition: A Week of Unforgettable Romantic Escapades*

EUR 11'500 | GBP 10'000 |AED  50'000 



Currency and Fees:

UK Dates: GBP fee applies.

European Dates: Euro fee applies.

Middle East and Rest of the World: AED fee applies.

Deposits and Cancellation:

To secure a date, I require a 50% deposit, which also serves as a cancellation fee.

Remaining Payment:

The remaining 50% can be paid in cash on the day unless we've agreed otherwise in advance.

Payment Methods:

My preferred methods of payment are crypto or bank transfers to a discrete business account via WISE.


For dates of 6 hours and longer, I offer a 10% discount if you prepay in full.

To avail of this discount, please ensure the full fee is in my account at least 24 hours before the date.

Whisk me Away: Snag special rates on longer escapades if they're on my bucket list! 

Discover the details on my Wishtender


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