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Upcoming Tours & Travel Dates

I'm thrilled about the possibility of connecting! You can catch me on the listed dates, and if you're looking for something longer, feel free to submit a TMTY/FMTY request for 24 hours or more.

The tour dates posted are generally firm, and I'm all set for prebookings.

Looking forward to planning something memorable!

X is also a great way to keep tabs on me.



​30.1.2024 to 31.01.2024 in Dubai, UAE

- London in bet
ween -  



01.02.2024 to 04.02.2024 in Dubai, UAE 
05.02.2024- 13.02.204 possibly India
(If pre-booked)

19.02.2024 to 28.02.2024 in London, UK 

I have priority availability for FMTY / TMTY anytime.

If you don't see your city in my tour schedule, book 24 hours and I'll be there. For more information check my Investment page.

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